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Belen Rodriguez Madrina dell’Old Star Game 2018

Belen Rodriguez will be the Special Guest of the third edition of the Kermesse for the Return of the Myths of Pall Cantù, Olimpia Milano and Pall Varese in the "Triangular Derby" scheduled for Saturday 24 February at 20.30 at the Pala Banco Desio. An absolute first in the world of the segmented ball for the Argentine show girl, who joined to support the purpose of the event and the cause of Operation Smile. In the company of Dan Peterson, he will present the Rosters of the three participating teams in an atmosphere full of memories, successes and memorabilia. For the occasion, the organization will set up a scene from Amarcord with the most representative tank tops in the history of Cantù-Milan-Varese.

Tickets are available online and in all VivaTicket points of sale in Italy.

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