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Old Star Game and Made in Carcere:

in 4000 moved by Sport and Solidarity


26 Febbraio, 2019


The Myths of Trieste and Gorizia are full of enthusiasm at the Allianz Dome. In 4000, they responded to the appeal for the solidarity competition of the fourth edition of the Old Star Game: The attendance record remains in Bologna with the 5,000 presences of 2017, but the heat of Trieste and the success of the Special Price 10 initiative have transmitted strong emotions to all present. From the big catwalk of the Hurlingham, Bic and Stefanel era for the hosts, to the amarcord of the glories of the golden ages Pagnossin and Terraneo (both families were in the front row and rewarded at the break) for Gorizia, the 'Old Star Game 2019 has revived the splendor of what the two curves have hailed as the true regional derby. If the people of Trieste have come to see the champions of the 1980s and 1990s, the response from Gorizia - which has not seen the Serie A for 20 years - has been equally striking with over 200 people on the curve. " A truly positive result thanks to all those who have accepted to return to the field, creating a magical atmosphere for a charity that has moved fans of all ages - says organizer Ale Nava of We for You Events & Communication - Everything worked for the better thanks also to the city of Trieste, which welcomed us and helped with great enthusiasm also through the support of the Alma. The warmth of the fans of Gorizia, I hope it can be a message to all Isonzo entrepreneurs for a new sports cycle and return among the professionals ".


Great satisfaction also from Luciana Delle Donne, the founder of the Charity Partner Made in Carcere, supported by Santo Versace, to which the proceeds of the event will be donated. "Beautiful climate by exploiting the call of sport to help those who need a second chance. Today, virtual life is in fashion, making a concrete gesture like leaving home and paying a ticket for a charitable purpose is a concrete gesture of great value. Also because doing good is good ”.



Old Star Game, delivered a Record ceck

of 20.000 euros to the President of Operation Smile Italia


13 Maggio, 2017


The second edition of the Old Star Game officially ended this morning, an event conceived and organized by the We For You Events & Communication agency of Ale Nava under the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna, the FIP and the Fortitudo and Virtus companies. Great success for the initiative that last April 6 saw the defying of yesterday's Virtus and Fortitudo champions at the Pala Dozza gathered in the "Derby of the Myths" in front of 5000 Bolognesi fans present in the stands to support the fundraising for the Operation Foundation Smile Italia Onlus presided by Santo Versace and engaged in assisting and caring for young people and children affected by cleft lip and palate and other facial deformities. The funds donated to Operation Smile Italia Onlus amount to 20,000 euros and have established a Charity Record in the amarcord events dedicated to the glories of Italian basketball.


The statements: Santo Versace, President of the Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation: “The Bolognese citizens, together with the sports companies Fortitudo and Virtus, have been very generous and involved. The funds donated to the Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation will contribute to the financing of our future activities. Last year our doctors have operated more than 20,000 children suffering from a facial malformation, but many are still the little ones waiting for the arrival of Operation Smile volunteers ".


Ale Nava, creator and organizer of the event: “The record of charity and attendance obtained in a match-memory of Italian basketball could not belong to the city of Bologna and its passionate fans. An arduous but fascinating undertaking, which involved the entire basketball movement and gave the protagonists the pleasure of finding themselves for an even more important cause. The collateral activities of the event will continue in favor of Operation Smile with the donation to children of celebratory t-shirts and technical material thanks to the partnership with our Technical Sponsor Spalding. Over the coming months they will be published on the Facebook page "Old Star Game" of the reports on humanitarian missions of Operation Smile ".

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